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The search feed portal is an automated search engine designed around's affiliate program. This site is an excellent hands-free, high traffic generating website that pays-per-click on all search's made through your SearchFeed affiliate ID. Use this site to on it's own to generate revenue or as a traffic generator to work with your other sites.

Commission Percentage Structure

As a partner of, you have multiple opportunities to earn extra revenue through your Web site. With their two-tiered revenue model, based on clicks and referrals, you can achieve high percentages and payout's that are made through PayPal every two weeks! commission and payment values:

Percentage of click revenue 35%-50%
Commission for referring advertisers 5%-7%

This site generates three forms of income
Estimated monthly revenue example of $2400.
Monthly Revenue
Percentage of click revenue
500 searches a day at .10
Commission for referring advertisers
$20/advertiser per month
Banner Advertising
10 advertisers per month

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Design Code: searchfeed1slate
Design Code: searchfeed1teal
Design Code: searchfeed2blue
Design Code: searchfeed2orange
Design Code: searchfeed2purple
Design Code: searchfeed2teal
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