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The revenue pilot portal is an automated search engine designed around's affiliate program. This site is an excellent hands-free, high traffic generating website that pays-per-click on all search's made through your RevenuePilot affiliate ID. Use this site to on it's own to generate revenue or as a traffic generator to work with your other sites.

In addition to RevenuePilot, this site includes a Clickbank based navigation, earning you commissions of sales made through your Clickbank affiliate ID for up to three months!

This site generates three forms of income

Estimated monthly revenue example of $2400.


Monthly Revenue
Percentage of click revenue
500 searches a day at .10
Clickbank Sales
1 per day
Banner Advertising
10 advertisers per month


Demo's will open in a new window.

Design Code: rev1blue
Design Code: rev1green
Design Code: rev1chrome
Design Code: rev1purple
Design Code: rev1red
Design Code: rev1teal
Design Code: rev2blue
Design Code: rev2green
Design Code: rev2purple
Design Code: rev2red
Design Code: rev2slate
Design Code: rev2teal
Design Code: rev3chrome
Design Code: rev3blue
Design Code: rev3green
Design Code: rev3purple
Design Code: rev3red
Design Code: rev3teal
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