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The recipe site is an appealing database driven resource for people to post, view, rate and review recipes from all over the world. This site features a powerful PHP/MySQL programmed backend to deliver 50,000 records for members and recipes. This site is a great, easy revenue and viral traffic generator that almost runs itself.

How it works

With the recipe website you offer a free exchange of recipes for users who are required to register to use the site. Advertisers benefit from having a vast database of users viewing their ads delivered in two banner sizes, plus text advertising in an opt-in site newsletter!

100% Profit Site
Estimated monthly revenue example of $934.50
with five sales per day.
Daily Sales
Monthly Revenue
Banner Ad #1
Banner Ad #2
Newsletter Ads


Demo's will open in a new window.

Design Code: recipe1orange
Design Code: recipe1grape
Design Code: recipe1ice
Design Code: recipe1mono
Design Code: recipe1blue
Design Code: recipe1green
Design Code: recipe2blue
Design Code: recipe2slate
Design Code: recipe2teal
Design Code: recipe2purple
Design Code: recipe2slate
Design Code: recipe2wheat
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