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This Paid To Click site is a solution that's sure to bring advertisers and consumers together in an advertising effort that works! The site requires members to visit a site for a certain amount of time to receive a cash credit. This is not a an automated surfing site. This is a real paid to click site where the advertisers site is actually visited!

How it works

The Paid-To-Click site is a automated revenue generating site that is free for advertisers and members to join.

Advertisers, can add funds to their account that will grant credits for each link a members clicks on. Then after a predetermined amount of time, the member receives 50% of the credit, with 50% going to the website. Advertisers set their prices, how much time a member must be on the site for credit and for how much of a budget per link.

For members, they receive a 50% commission in each link they visit where they view the site for the predetermined amount of time that the advertiser sets. The credit is one time only per advertiser link and can be withdrawn to their PayPal account after reaching an amount set by the admin.

100% Automated Profit Site
Estimated monthly revenue example of $10,497.00
with only one sale of each item per day.
Daily Sales
Monthly Revenue
Advertisers Click
Advertisers Click


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