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The Hot or Not site is a picture rating website where people can post pictures for other's to rate and post comments on. The site also features an email system for members to communicate through the website. This is is an excellent traffic builder with advertising revenue potential.

How it works

The Hot or Not is a free site for people to join where they can rate and post pictures. The site is 100% automated with advanced options available from the admin such as wanting to approve all pics and comments.

With no extra fees other than hosting, this site is a serious traffic generation and advertising based money making tool that runs hands free.

Price: US$ 100

You will get Free Domain Name, Free 100 MB Web Space with Cpanel and Free Script Installation.

Demo's will open in a new window.

Design Code: hot1blue

Design Code: hot1flamer

Design Code: hot1limey

Design Code: hot1shiny

Design Code: hot1multi

Design Code: hot1raisin

Design Code: hot2blue

Design Code: hot2green

Design Code: hot2steel

Design Code: hot2teal

Design Code: hot2purple

Design Code: hot2red
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