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Owning our own hosting website is both easy and economical, allowing you to offer hosting account to customer plus giving you your own web space to build, host and promote your other websites.

How it works

With the hosting website, you receive the the front end interface to run your own hosting website. Although the actually hosting space for this site is not included, we get you set up with our reseller supplier that charges between $14.95 and $29 a month. By purchasing the $19 a month program you can host unlimited domain and get 1 gigs of space that is more than enough to get you started. When your ready for more space, order more for a few extra dollars a month without any interruptions to your service.

What makes out hosting site unique is that our contact allow gives you your own administration to set and modify account, plus your clients get there own cpanel to administer the space you sell them.

The service is reliable and professional and the reseller is never known to your clients plus you receive Multiple domain support for your customers that you can provide as a bonus or charge extra for.

This hosting website is truly a unique opportunity as it is a 100% stand alone product.

100% Profit Site (based on $19.99
reseller hosting account)
Estimated monthly revenue example of $1025
with only one sale of each item per day.
Daily Sales
Monthly Revenue
Small Business
Professional Plus

Demo's will open in a new window.

Design Code: host 4blue
Design Code: host 4fuschia
Design Code: host 4green
Design Code: host 4purple
Design Code: host 4yellow
Design Code: host 4slate
Design Code: host 5fire
Design Code: host 5blue
Design Code: host 5green
Design Code: host 5teal
Design Code: hosting6blue
Design Code: hosting6green
Design Code: host 3
Design Code: hosting6metal
Design Code: hosting6purple
Design Code: host 2
Design Code: host 1
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