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Websites and domain name sales are a hot commodity on the Internet as everyone flocks to online revenue resources. With these explosive sales comes the need for domain appraisal services so buyers and sellers know what a domain name is worth.

How it works

This site is a complete stand alone domain appraisal service that includes the software that is easy to use. This site is also PHP based for super fast setup with all the site info being determined by one file!

The site also allows for you to choose your payment processor such as PayPal or Stormpay or both.

100% Profit Site
Estimated monthly revenue example of $2980.50
with only 10 appraisals a day.
Daily Sales
Monthly Revenue
1 domain

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Design Code: domaina2blue
Design Code: domaina2green
Design Code: domaina2orange
Design Code: domaina2grey
Design Code: domaina2red
Design Code: domaina2teal
Design Code: domaina3blue
Design Code: domaina3green
Design Code: domaina3grey
Design Code: domaina3orange
Design Code: domaina3red
Design Code: domaina3teal
Design Code: domaina1blue
Design Code: domaina1green
Design Code: domaina1grey
Design Code: domaina1purple
Design Code: domaina1red
Design Code: domaina1teal
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