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Owning your own banner exchange is an excellent revenue generating traffic tool that you can use to promote your own website network. Plus you make 100% of advertising and traffic services.

The banner exchange site is both free and paid with free accounts operating 100% automated.

How it works

The free/paid banner exchange provides a 2:1 banner ration (of which the administrator can change), which means for every two banner impression that loads on a user loads on their website, they get one impression of their banner on a member site. Every other banner impression is filled by a house promoting the exchange. For paid services, this site boasts paid credits and banner advertising on the main website.

In addition this banner exchange has an anti-cheat referral system that promotes the exchange itself. You set the referral credits for your members.

With no extra fees other than hosting, this site is a serious traffic generation and advertising based money making tool.

100% Profit Site
Estimated monthly revenue example of $2724
with only one sale of each item per day.
Daily Sales
Monthly Revenue
Main Site Banners
500 credits
100 credits
10,000 credits
5,000 credits

Demo's will open in a new window.

Design Code: banner 1red
Design Code: banner 1babyblue
Design Code: banner 1ice
Design Code: banner 1lime
Design Code: banner 1orange
Design Code: banner 1purple
Design Code: banner 2purple
Design Code: banner 2blue
Design Code: banner 2green
Design Code: banner 2orange
Design Code: banner 2red
Design Code: banner 2yellow
Design Code: banner3blue
Design Code: banner3green
Design Code: banner3lime
Design Code: banner3purple
Design Code: banner3steel
Design Code: banner3tan
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