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PHP, PERL, CGI Script Installation Service

We provide professional installation for PHP, PERL and CGI scripts. We also provide installation and configuration of Apache and IIS web server, PHP, MySQL, Perl on Windows, Linux and FreeBSD servers.

Our services:

NOTE: all PHP, PERL, CGI Script installation includes the basic setup. This does not include modification of header, footer and outgoing emails. These can be modified for an additional charge which we would quote to you before the work is started!

Script Installation Charges

Script installation charges start at $5. We charge at per hour basis, we charge $10 per hour (minimum 30 minutes) for script installation. We accept payments by PayPal and credit card.

Satisfaction Guarantee

All scripts will be installed within 48 hours. Most of the scripts will be done within few hours. If your script is not installed within 48 hours, we will provide 100% refund. Contact us for script installation charges.